Wearing Braces: How Childhood Bad Habits Can Lead to a Bad Bite

One of the most common dental problems that people suffer from is malocclusion, otherwise known as a bad bite. There are many different forms of bad bites. Therefore, there are many different methods to treat them. Most people believe that a bad bite simply involves your teeth and the way that they touch one another. However, there is usually more going on than that.

In order for a person to have a proper bite, there are five systems that need to work together. The bones of the jaws and face, the muscles of the neck and head, the jaw joints, the teeth and the nerves that serve these parts work together to give you the bite that you have. As your Chicago dentist (a cosmetic dentist Chicago), I can tell you with certainty that if even one of these systems has a problem, you will have a bad bite.

Causes: From Thumb-Sucking to Accidents

Tooth wear and loss of teeth are common causes of bad bites in adults. Even the loss of one tooth will cause the other teeth located around it to shift position. Grinding and clenching teeth can cause them to wear down or shift.

An accident at some point in your life could cause your jaw to go out of alignment. Also, bad childhood habits such as sucking on your thumb and fingers could eventually cause your teeth to become crooked, affecting your bite.

In order for a person to have a bite that is healthy, jaw joints, namely the TMJ, that function properly are an important part of the equation. Jaw joint damage is often caused by trauma. The muscles that move your lower jaw side to side, down and up are also important to a healthy bite. If the way the teeth come together is interfered with, these muscles can spasm and splint. In the short term, the spasms can help to prevent damage in certain teeth. However, jaw pain and headaches can be experienced if the spasms last a long time.

The alignment of teeth can be affected by jaw size. If the size of the jaws and teeth do not match, tooth alignment and bite can be compromised. Big teeth and small jaws usually cause a bad bite and teeth that are crooked.

Treatments with Your Cosmetic Dentist Chicago: From Invisalign Chicago to Dental Implants Chicago

Fortunately, modern dentistry offers many solutions to help people fix their bad bites and avoid the problems that are listed earlier in this article. Braces are one of the most common treatment methods. At our Chicago dental office, your Chicago dentist is also your cosmetic dentist Chicago. We offer Invisalign Chicago. No longer do you have to wear hideous and embarrassing braces, and your teen doesn’t have to be called “metal-mouth.” With Invisalign Chicago, no one will have to know you are correcting your teeth because Invisalign Chicago aligners can barely be seen, allowing you to maintain your confidence and self esteem. Your Chicago dentist also offers dental implants Chicago to replace missing teeth. Overcrowding can be prevented by removing teeth. With your Chicago dentist, worn or chipped teeth can be restored: teeth can be capped, bonded or reshaped so that they fit together more easily and provide a bite that is even and painless.

A visit to your Chicago dentist can help you determine if your jaw bone is not the correct size to give you a healthy bite. Not to worry, there are surgical procedures available to shorten or reshape your jaw. There are also plates or wires that can be used to help stabilize your jaw.